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Full Service Car Storage at Bologna Airport

car storage in Italy

We offer a full service storage for your classic car at 15 minutes from the Bologna Airport with frequent flights to London, Amsterdam and many other destinations. The car is stored in a secure location. We will do the small maintenance required for storage or larger repairs if needed.

Standard storage services

Upon arrival

  • Safe and dry storage.
  • Mechanical and electronic antitheft systems inside and outside protect the premises.
  • Emptying of the fuel tank (required by law).
  • Disconnection of the battery and putting the battery under periodic trickle charging.
  • Covering of your car with a dust cover.
  • Storage of your modern car while using the stored car.
  • Priority booking for the upcoming Via Flaminia rally (up to 6 months before the start of the rally).

Care during storage

  • The car will be rolled up and forth one time every 3 weeks in order to prevent the tires from becoming square.
  • The car will be started every 6 weeks and the engine will be let to warm up, the brakes will be engaged.
  • Check for any leaks of vital fluids.

Car retrieval

  • Your car will be waiting for you, ready to drive.
  • The charged battery will be put back in place.
  • Filling of the car with 10 l fresh 98 octane fuel.
  • Putting the tyres to the right pressure.

Basic fee

  • Basic fee of € 125,- a month
  • One month rental registration fee.
  • If paid in advance, 12 months for the price of 10.

Full service storage

As standard storage plus extra’s

  • Meeting on arrival either at Bologna International
  • Airport or the TGV train station and transfer to the storage location where your car will be waiting ready to go.
  • Assistance for your stay from a English citizen who has lived most of his life in Bologna.
  • Installation of a dedicated self-powered GPS tracking device that provides constant positioning information of the vehicle. The data will be recorded and available real time to the owner.
    The tracking device will also extend the protection of the car when in use by the owner thus allowing the fast retrieval of the car location in case of theft. It will also be a great tool in case of breakdown for organising help and assistance.

Extra care during storage

  • Outside standard washing of the car.
  • Inside vacuum cleaning.
  • Putting the car on 4 stands to protect the wheels from becoming square.
  • Periodic report to the owner of the periodical check.

Extra care during retrieval

  • Filling of the car with 40 l fresh 98 octane fuel.
  • Putting the tyres to the right pressure.
  • Check oil levels.
  • Check of the lighting and the horn.

Full service fee

  • Full service fee of € 149,- a month.
  • One month rental registration fee.
  • If paid in advance, 12 months for the price of 10.

Additional services

           Upon owner’s request only

Bringing your car to or collecting your car from a different location

    • Whether you are participating to an event or just having a beautiful drive through Italy, we can bring or collect your car on site with our own truck.

Small maintenance

    • Our caretaker and mechanic can perform the basic maintenance services on site.
    • Coolant refill.
    • Lighting.
    • Oils..
    • Brake.
    • Clutch.
    • Replacing brake shoes or brake pads.

Complete restoration

    • We are well connected and the region has many specialised classic car restoration shops, both for mechanical issues and for (complete) body work.
    • We will be happy to assist and direct you.

At all time our local team will be glad to assist you, whether it be with questions regarding your stay in Italy or with issues regarding your precious car.

Ask for availability to Bart Kleyn or Valerio Scanacapra.
storing your car at Bologna Airport